The Best Warm Up before Exercise

Last week, we were helping out at the local HBF Group Fitness Training Sessions and it was great to see what exercises were used during warm up.

Old traditional methods of warming up often involved static stretching (holding stretches for prolonged periods of time).

However, not only is this NOT helpful but it can actually increase your risk of injury!

The best way to warm up is with DYNAMIC exercises (ie. exercises where you are moving while increasing your range of movement).

It is important to note there is no such thing as one single 'best' warm up exercise that caters for all types of sport. This is because an ideal warm up needs to be designed specifically with the main activity/sport in mind.

For example, AFL athletes will want to warm up their legs with exercises similar to the ones listed in the videos below. Conversely, someone looking to bench press would focus on their upper body with pushups and shoulder stability exercises.

Below are 4 simple exercises that you can use as part of an effective DYNAMIC warm up before you exercise next time:

  1. High knees

  2. Toe touches

  3. Heel kicks

  4. Leg swings

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Stephen Lee