Will Surgery Fix my Back Pain?

Surgeries are commonly used for corrective procedures in the world of medicine. When all other interventions fail, medical practitioners are typically left to resort to surgery. This practice has also been extended to back pain treatment due to spinal injury or any other predisposing causes.

When a person experiences back pain, they are usually treated with analgesics and some other forms of medications that will try to dull the pain by inhibiting the pain receptors in the body. However, when this treatment option fails to alleviate the pain, surgery is now carried out.

Unfortunately, most often than not, many people who undergo spinal surgeries do not always get the results they expected. Most patient expect a “quick” fix, but they end up coming out the same way or even worse. At this point, most people get frustrated and opt for multiple surgeries all in an attempt to restore their quality of life.

Years of research has shown us that surgery is not the best way to manage back pain. Many recent studies proposed that surgery is not highly effective as far as correcting disc herniations.

On the other hand, more and more research has been published in recent years to support chiropractic manipulations as a means of restoring restore quality of life.

In fact, chiropractic care has been shown to be far more effective than surgery for disc herniations.

  • A high percentage of patients who were in line for a surgery for disc herniation reported tremendous improvement after receiving chiropractic care. Most of them were better off than those who eventually went for a surgery.

  • In another study, 60% of patients who had sciatica pain improved after receiving chiropractic adjustments.

Surgery is always the last option in the medical world, it is never the first. Our bodies were designed in such a way that it can heal from injuries.

Disc herniations are natural. It is something that we will all experience but if you do not want it to become a problem to you, you can improve your quality of life through conservative care. The best conservative care for such situation is chiropractic care.

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Studies have shown that chiropractic manipulations are an effective treatment for disc herniations and low back pain

Studies have shown that chiropractic manipulations are an effective treatment for disc herniations and low back pain

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