Why do athletes need a SPORTS chiropractor and not just a normal chiropractor?

Engaging in competitive sports can be a lot of fun. It comes with its excitement and many athletes have confessed that the adrenaline pump can be intoxicating.

However, engaging in these sports have been shown over time to lead to a tremendous amount of stress and this places the body under a lot of pressure which can lead to excruciating pain. It could be back pain, neck pain or general body pain.

It is true that the body has the ability to withstand pressure but it is also very important that you give your muscles and joints time to rest and recover. And that is where a sports chiropractor is needed.

A sport chiropractor is not your typical chiropractor. As sports chiropractors, we have been trained specifically to help athletes in getting ready and also to recover from the demands of a competition. We understand extensively that what you need during recovery is quite different from what you need when preparing for a competition. So, we balance the care we provide so as to meet your every need.

Dr Steve treating some of Australia's top athletes in the Australian Volleyball League

Dr Steve treating some of Australia's top athletes in the Australian Volleyball League

How Sports Chiropractors Help with Recovery after Sport

As an athlete, your goal is to challenge your body so as to enhance your performance in your chosen sport. And most times when you have this goal in mind, you tend to forget that a balance has to be maintained so that you do not end up breaking down unnecessarily. Therefore, when you are training and trying to enhance yourself, we will be the ones helping you to stay on track.

We will employ different techniques so as to improve your range of motion while we also aim at decreasing spinal stiffness. However, when you are in recovery, we employ other techniques to help you with tissue repair, reduction of inflammation and also to accelerate the recovery process.

Researchers have discovered that spinal stiffness is increased during a back pain episode, so our aim will be to reduce the back pain thereby reducing spinal stiffness.

Furthermore, the additional techniques employed, such as a chiropractic adjustment, will target soft tissues in order to break down scar tissue. Improving your range of motion will also help to speed up the healing process.

Is Sports Chiropractic for Everyone?

Dr Steve treating some of Australia's top athletes in the Australian Volleyball League

To enjoy our services, you do not need to be an Olympic champion or competitor. Rather, our services have taken the most effective techniques available in this field and have been designed to fit the needs of retired, active and even upcoming athletes.

Irrespective of your health goals, we want to be involved in keeping you off the sidelines and enabling you to enjoy the game of love. Schedule your next adjustment with us.

Sports chiropractors can help with improving recovery and preventing injury, especially low back stiffness and soreness from sport

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