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103 Old Perth Road
Bassendean WA
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Looking for a chiropractor in Bassendean?

Book Now with Dr Steve, the top-rated Bassendean chiropractor and one of Perth’s leading sports chiropractors. We are located in the heart of Bassendean, across from the Bassendean oval.


Dr Steve is both a sports chiropractor and exercise physiologist, and is the chiropractor to some of Australia’s top athletes. Before becoming a sports chiropractor, Steve played indoor volleyball at an elite level, playing nearly 30 hours a week.

It was this intensive training that led to overuse injuries, and peaked his interest in sports chiropractic.

Although Steve works with many elite athletes, he also helps your average desk worker, weekend warrior, or gym-goer.

What makes Steve’s services unique is that he combines a variety of techniques to provide fast effective results. For more on our services, click here.

Sports Chiropractor for:

  • Australian Volleyball League

  • MMA TV Series (Wimp 2 Warrior)

  • WA’s top Crossfit athletes

  • Professional athletes (beach volleyball, golf)

Our Services

We combine the best chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments available including:

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Dr Steve Lee

Bassendean Chiropractor

We are located at
103 Old Perth Road
Bassendean WA